mike kotch compass 432Throughout his professional career, Mike Kotch had the pleasure of being a guest on various platforms. In particular, he had the opportunity to appear on Inspirery and Ideamensch as of late as a guest star. On these entrepreneurial interview platforms, guests discuss their professional journey, a typical day in their life, tips and tricks to stay productive, and inspirational quotes that have personally impacted their lives. In addition, they often talk about where they obtained their business ideas and some advice they’d give to young entrepreneurs.

For Mike, he was no different. He touched on his education in accounting and the beginning of his career as an accountant. However, he then discussed the desire he felt to shift careers and the leap of faith he took. Eventually, he landed himself a position as a swim coach and passionately coached countless talented swimmers over several years.

Mike Kotch as Seen in the Media

Mike Kotch – Former Coach for Competitive Swimmers

No matter what area of life you are dealing with, it is good to be open to learning more from positive people. Many people go through college to establish the foundation for their careers. Post-graduates focus on using their new-found knowledge to structure their career path.

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Mike Kotch first embarked on his professional journey in public accounting after graduating from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusett…

Exclusive Interview with Mike Kotch | Inspirery

Mike Kotch began his career in public accounting after graduating from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1998. After spending five years as an accountant, he began formulating a desire to explore a new career path. Consequently, he made the bold decision to follow his passion to get back into college athletics where he became a swim coach.

Brandeis Inside Out: Andrew Baker ’18 | BrandeisNOW

Swimming competitively despite a rare muscular condition has helped this athlete go the distance and inspire others. Brandeis Judges swimmer Andrew Baker ’18 is making waves in and out of the pool.

Swim Coach Confidential: Coach Mike Kotch of Brandeis University

Courtesy of Trevor Ziegler In this edition of Swim Coach Confidential, I spoke to Mike Kotch, head coach of Brandeis University. Located just outside of Boston, Brandeis is a private Division III program that competes in the University Athletic Association.

Brandeis University’s Mike Kotch Shares Recruiting Advice for Swimmers

Mike Kotch, head coach of the Brandeis University swim program drops by to share some recruiting advice for swimmers looking to taking their swimming prowess from high school to the collegiate level. Coach Kotch has been with the Brandeis University Judges (how cool of a team name is that?) since 2011.

Brandeis Swimmer Competes For Team Despite Muscular Dystrophy

He is consistent as well as versatile, having competed in just about every distance freestyle race, and a couple of backstroke events to boot.

Mike Kotch Explains the Mental and Physical Benefits of Swimming – Spirit Web

Swimming is an activity with many benefits for physical and mental health. It is the fourth most popular form of physical exercise in the United States. Swimming can be a vigorous cardiac activity or a slower, more meditative form of exercise. Anyone can learn to swim, and the benefits increase over time.

Mike Kotch Offers His Advice for Students Being Recruited into College Athletics | Prague Post

The recruiting process for collegiate athletes can be an intimidating prospect. High school athletes and their parents may be confused by the process. High school and collegiate athletics are very different worlds. In high school, athletes receive support from their parents when it comes to getting to practices on time, eating properly, and getting enough…

Mike Kotch Details the Most Beneficial Workout Routine for Competitive Swimmers – Fitnistics.com

Competitive swimmers have special requirements when it comes to fitness routine. Swimming is a sport that provides a full-body workout, so the upper body, lower body, and core must all be kept in shape for the best possible performance. Swimmers must be careful when choosing dry land workouts because their joints may be unstable.

Mike Kotch Gives his Opinion on a Healthy Diet for Athletes

For athletes of all kinds, it is vital to maintain a healthy diet . Without the solid footing that a healthy diet provides, athletes will find that they do not have the strength and endurance to compete.